“Her playing is totally free from any kind of mannerism or artificiality and the listener is instantly immersed in the spirit of the music…”

John Lill CBE

“The power of her artistic personality, the concentration and force of her visceral pianism is fully evident through Anna’s performance …”

Joanna MacGregor OBE


Born in Moscow on New Year’s Day in 1991, Anna began her career as a solo performer at the age of six. She graduated from the Moscow State Conservatory in 2015 and completed her Masters with Distinction and Advanced Diploma from the Royal Academy of Music (London) as one of the elite Bicentenary Scholars at the Academy under tutelage of Professor Christopher Elton.

Anna’s major achievement on the international stage so far has been reaching the Final of the Leeds Piano Competition in September 2018.

Anna Geniushene/ Photographer Allan McKenzie

She also gained Third Prize at the Feruccio Busoni International Piano Competition the year before – also winning three additional prizes in chamber music, the audience and junior jury prizes, the latter of which offered her a chance to perform at the same festival with Grigory Sokolov. She was also, recently, a semi-finalist of the Dublin International Piano Competition and took First Prize at the Second Orbetello International Piano Competition.

Anna has already performed in several major concert halls such as Great Hall of Moscow Conservatory, the Town Hall in Leeds, the National Concert Hall in Dublin, the Konzerthaus ‘Neue Welt’, Schumann’s Haus in Zwickau and Chamber Hall of Berliner Philharmonie in Berlin.

Anna Geniushene/ Photographer Ira Polyarnaya

Being an active participant of the masterclasses, Anna was selected to take part in the International Musicians Seminar at Prussia Cove (2017) and for the Imogen Cooper Music Trust (2018) where worked with many renowned artists, including Ferenc Rados, Imogen Cooper, Kirill Gerstein, Rita Wagner, Klaus Hellwig, Tamas Ungar and Steven Osborne.

Anna’s career as a pianist is becoming increasingly versatile with her dedication to chamber music as central, including piano duo repertoire with her husband, Lukas Geniusas, and close collaboration with Quartetto di Cremona. She also runs her own festival in collaborative music-making (‘NikoFest’) in Moscow.